Giant Baby Nation

For many years reading fiction in Chinese after many attempts remained an unreachible peek for me. When you need to look up a word (or two) in every sentence, reading becomes a chore rather than pleasury. Luckily, it seems my self-confidence is going to be saved by non-fiction.

A book called ¨Giant Baby Nation¨ (巨婴国)by Wu Zhi Hong (武志红)can not be called a national bestseller due to the fact that the book, published in the end of 2016, was prohibited in Mainland China in early 2017. However, I was able to obtain an ¨illegal¨ copy thanks to one of my Chinese professors (who told us about this book in the first place), you can also still but it in HK, Macao or Taiwan.

The book that officially doesn´t exist has stirred a lively discussion online: Are Chinese people really giant babies? Does their collective development seize on the infant level? Is this the source of all social problems in China? To know the answers one will have to read the book and either agree or disagree with its author. And here is the best part. I can actually read this book in Chinese! Unlike short-stories and novels in Chinese, ¨Giant Baby Nation¨ doesn´t have complicated adjectives or verb describing a specific movement (my greetins to Mr Lu Xun), the therminology of the book is intuitive and I can enjoy reading a whole paragraph without looking anything up in the dictionary. This can actually be called reading a book.



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