Adult shopping

What do you usually buy without thinking? You know, when you are standing there in line, bored, looking at the colorful packaging… Do I need something else? Gum? Candy? Tissues?

In China, for some bizarre reason, in every minimart near the counter you can see a stand with condoms. A whole range of them, also: lube, vibrators, rectile rings… No, I am not 13 and I donĀ“t giggle when I see someone buying controception, but… who the heck needs a minimart vibrator? When did lube become a sorta thing you buy absentmindedly along with a pack of skittles?

I am a great supporter of safe and pleasurable sex for all parties involved, however, I can hardly imagine picking out a sex toy in clear view of a cashier and strangers buying their microwaveable lunches… but maybe it is just me.