Adult shopping

What do you usually buy without thinking? You know, when you are standing there in line, bored, looking at the colorful packaging… Do I need something else? Gum? Candy? Tissues?

In China, for some bizarre reason, in every minimart near the counter you can see a stand with condoms. A whole range of them, also: lube, vibrators, rectile rings… No, I am not 13 and I don´t giggle when I see someone buying controception, but… who the heck needs a minimart vibrator? When did lube become a sorta thing you buy absentmindedly along with a pack of skittles?

I am a great supporter of safe and pleasurable sex for all parties involved, however, I can hardly imagine picking out a sex toy in clear view of a cashier and strangers buying their microwaveable lunches… but maybe it is just me.




On Sunday we went to the Science & Technology museum in Shanghai. It´s a very cool museum – three floors, various exhibitions for children and adults alike (there are several routes for different age groups: kids, teens, grown-ups and elderly). A lot of interactive stuff – touch, push, pull, smell and so on.

At first, we were a bit overwhelmed by the number of children (it is a good museum for children and it was a Sunday), but the museum is designed so that you can avoid the crowds if you want to. Mostly.

Anyhow, it was all fun, until we decided to make a detour and go look at the spiders (which weren´t on the ¨adult¨ route for some reason). I was anxious as I have a very deep fear of arachnids. Well, a fear of one of them suddenly jumping on me and taking a bite. I don´t think I would become a spiderwoman as a result.

The spider exhibitions was very fun, they are amazing creatures, creepy, but amazing. We were leaving the exhibitions, when I turned around and saw it. A mother was lifting her 5-6 year-old daughter over a trash can IN THE MUSEUM so that she could go pee or poop. Yes, it is even worse to watch than to read about it.

Well, what can I say? After seeing strangers´ children defecate in public more times than anyone should (and the number of times is zero), I am still not used to this sight. It is a freaking museum with free public bathrooms, it was an old enough child for it to not be an emergency. It is just not acceptable to ruin my memories of a nice day-off  in a cool museum with my fiancé.

And if you think that is not a big deal – follow the link.